Monday, April 13, 2015

January -Google apps Read and Write by Textsmith

I just went to a Google class on Read and Write and other amazing apps and extensions of Google. I was inspired to come back immediately the next day and have my students get the apps for themselves. Here are some things I liked about these programs and how I hope to use them.

Read and Write-(purple puzzle piece) is a great tool for students to have text read to them. It can read their own text to them in a Google doc but they can also use the app on a webpage and have articles read to them. They can use different highlighters to help them distinguish text or pieces of writing. I am excited to have kids see where and how they can use this as we research for our informational writing.

Clearly- a great app that I plan on using when I use Google up on the Smart board with my class. Right now in Life Cycles science, I pull up different articles or images on dragonflies or whatever. When you hit the extension button at the top of your menu bar, it will take away all the extra text and potentially inappropriate images and ads from around the piece you are trying to read. That will be great!

Visor- I had my student with dyslexia put this on her Google account. When she activates the visor, it gives her a window to be able to focus on a few lines of text at a time instead of trying to read the whole article with all those words swimming around! Very neat app!

Extensity- an app to control all of these apps and extensions! You can easily see what is running and turn it off. Nice! I need this app after attending this class and downloading all of these apps and more!

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