Monday, April 13, 2015

November Movenote

I just tried out Movenote for editing my students' work. This is a cool app that takes a video of me talking to my student and editing their piece "with them." It feels like I am conferencing with them since I am talking to them but really, I can look over their Google document at home and make suggestions when it is convenient for me. When you place your cursor over their text, it will show up on the video and you can highlight pieces as you talk so they can understand your message.

The kids all were motivated to finish their document and share it with me because they really wanted to have me "talk to them." It was so easy it was to copy the link and paste it on their doc. Really simple! I even did Movenotes with my students and they were watching in real time but they were able to go back and replay my notes to them until they made the necessary changes.

I guess the only downfall to Movenote is the wait time while your video downloads to be able to paste it to their doc.

I will be using this often! Love it!

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