Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Machine is Us(ing) Us

Go to YouTube to watch an anthropology professor's video on the history of the internet and how it is formatted. It is called The Machine is Us(ing) Us. Super interesting! We need to rethink how we get information, who writes it, how it is formatted and sorted. We drive the machine --the internet----by posting, tagging, inserting and finding information on the net. Honestly, I don't understand how all of it works, but he broke it all down so that it made more sense and I could see how the codes work for html, p for paragraph, etc. In the beginning, form and content were connected but now as the internet has grown, they have been able to separate the different elements to let the writing grow and not be defined in a certain way. When I say "they" that is not true either---its us and all the people that use the internet and search stuff every day. As an educator, I just need to stay as current as possible and know that when the students and I research items, we help define and the content and use what we need and not be controlled by the machine.

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